High Masts & Accessories

High Masts are very tall poles with a number of Luminaries on top. They are used in places where the lighting is required for larger areas. High Masts consists of a Lantern carriage on top of the pole. The lantern carriage carries the luminaries. The lantern carriage can be lowered down for the maintenance of the luminaries. A motor and a gearbox are attached for lowering the lantern carriage. The High Masts have a Head Frame on top for holding the lantern carriage. An aviation Lamp and lighting arrestor are installed on the Headframe. The luminaries on a High Masts are provided with a cover, to focus the light on the HIghways or Streets and not on the adjacent buildings. Various industrial warehouses are operational at night and have very challenging night-time operations. Mostly, the workers are working under low lit conditions, this makes their work more tedious and troublesome. However, since the introduction of High Mast Lighting Systems, we have overcome this problem. The High masts provide enough Luminifaction for large areas. Also, as the height of the Lighting masts in large, the cranes and transport vehicles are able to pass without any obstruction.

High Masts are available from 12.5 meters to up to 30 meters. They have a variety of applications.
1) Flag Masts.
2) Stadium Lighting High Masts.
3) Lighting for Airports.
4) Lighting for vast Warehouses.
5) Crossroads.
6) Highways.

Key Features
1) The High Mast structure is made as per the Wind Speed in particular areas.
2) They have high resistance to corrosion as the entire high mast is single hot Dip Galvanized, internally and externally.
3) The transportation of these high masts is convenient as they are made in sections.
4) Motorized systems for raising and lowering Luminaries for maintenance.
5) High resistance to corrosion.