Smart Solar Street Light Systems

H2- Solar Street Light Poles that work on their own generated Energy. So that you may never run out of power

Smart Street Light Solar poles are provided by Ajay Enterprises. The Solar Street light poles enables light anywhere you desire. Solar Street Light Poles are required at places which lack the infrastructure or the where cabling cannot be provided.
The Solar poles provided by Ajay Enterprises are self – energized. The poles are equipped with solar panel on top, battery below it and LEDs where required. The batteries may or may not be In-Built.


M.S. ERW Pipes


P U. Painted

Hot Dip Galvanized

Powder Coated


4 meters to 8 meters

Minimum Quantity

1 unit


Octagon, Circular or Square


Hilly Regions

Garden Solar Lights

Rural Areas

Solar Panels

The solar panels which are provided are dust proof and moisture ingression is not possible. The panels have a Dusk-to-Dawn feature. In the morning, when the sunlight falls on the solar panels, the LED is turned off and the battery starts charging. In the evening, when the sun sets the LED is powered by the battery.


The batteries provided in the Solar Street Light pole may or may not be In-Built. The external batteries are cost friendly whereas the internal batteries are maintenance free. The batteries have a life of 4-5 years.

Solar Poles

The Solar Street Light Poles are available in various heights as per the requirement of the customer. They are provided with all the necessary arrangements for the mounting of Solar panels, LEDs and Batteries.


• Hilly Regions
• Rural Areas
• Industries or Societies which promote Green Energy

Key Features

• Dusk-to-Dawn Feature
• Available in various heights
• Easy to Install
• Maintenance Free